AxisPlay Pedigree

  • AxisPlay is part of a group providing innovative technologies for over 20 years
  • World-leading innovations in digital systems, public access payment platforms, media and mobile networks
  • Multiple patents awarded in public access and mobile technologies
  • Multiple prestigious industry awards in Hong Kong, Asia and Worldwide
  • Recognised and commended by Fortune 100 clients and brands e.g. AT&T, Disney, China Mobile
  • Helping to keep Hong Kong at the forefront in Innovation since 1996

Support for Tier 1, 2, 3 Children


AxisPlay Platform Solution

  • Providing a paradigm shift in Childcare Support via a dedicated comprehensive secured private technology platform.
  • Helping NGOs to distribute their wealth of content to caregivers with speed, depth, breadth, accuracy and green solution
  • Digitalise key child care processes, assessments, programs, knowledge management, caregivers communication …
  • Quickly turnaround Standard Procedures
  • Engaging interactivity
  • Capture and analyze real time Big Data
  • Timely comprehensive periodic reports

At your finger tips…

  • Use handwriting and voice to text inputs
  • Use on-screen drawing capabilities plus digital signatures
  • Quickly navigate between input fields with drop down menus
  • Capture, store and retrieve precious video, audio and photos
  • Reduce redundancy and enhance high accuracy
  • Shorten lengthy manual processes by reducing face time with online collaboration anytime, anywhere
  • Online real-time tutor for critical processes
  • DIY (Do-It-Yourself) features for keeping content up to date, relevant and distributed to the target audience.


Tel :

(852) 2642 8388